Gluten-free Cheese Scones (x6)

Gluten-free Cheese Scones (x6)


Made to order, six generous gluten-free cheese scones.

Best served warm (just heat in oven or zap in microwave for 20 seconds)


For local orders these can be delivered fresh from the oven at a mutually convenient time.

  • Ingredients:

    Allergens: egg*, milk, mustard*

    (NB photo shows ready made mustard but we actually use gluten free mustard powder)

    * Can be made without mustard or egg upon request

  • Shelf Life:

    Four days but best eaten on day of delivery. Can be frozen for up to one month

  • Reviews

    “...the BEST gluten free cheese scones ever!  Better than ordinary scones so that’s no mean feat…” - Sue H


    “We just received warm from the oven cheese scones! The smell was too much so have already devoured one. Absolutely delish” - Claire W